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 .In school. Out of school. Afterschool. Empowering youth to thrive  


Welcome to HERO

Our Mission

HERO empowers, educates and equips youth to pursue their dreams of a  

debt-free education, pursue entrepreneurship, build strong families and build their communities. ​


Our Vision

HERO envisions a world of thriving families,

unburdened by the stranglehold of student loan debt and oppression.

Our 4 Core Values

HealingEmpowerment. Resilience. Opportunity.

Our Community of Care

Is comprised of youth age 12-24, parents, loving families, supportive mentors,

a trauma informed team of professionals, dedicated volunteers, generous sponsors and partners

Our Contact Info

Chiwishi Joy Abney, Founder & Executive Director

Office/ Homebase 104 South 20th St. Philadelphia, PA 

  215.237.0729 ||Instagram @herophilly_ 


Black youth and young people of color in Philadelphia overcome insurmountable odds everyday. Safety, connection and care are not always abundant at home,  school or in our neighborhoods. What coping strategies and restorative practices  are necessary to survive poverty, violence, anxiety,  depression, hopelessness, trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) HERO is an Anchor that develops the confidence, character and creativity of  young people. Our trauma-informed and ACE Aware team of professionals engage youth in spaces of healing and self discovery. HERO programs emphasize  the educational, financial trajectory and mental health of youth, supporting their  dreams through programs including media art making, travel/campus tours, internships, mentoring and creating a CAP ( Customized Action Plan) based on the unique needs and goals of each student.

Our Programs

Our Collective Objectives

I. Heal Trauma 

II. Empower through education, employment and entrepreneurship 

III. Build Resilience with Healthy Relationships

IV. Provide Opportunities 

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