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Our Mission

HERO empowers, educates and equips youth to pursue a debt-free degree, pursue entrepreneurship, build strong families and build their communities. 

Our Vision

HERO envisions a world of thriving families, unburdened by the stranglehold of student loan debt and oppression.

Black youth 4 Justice

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    Amplifying Black Youth Voices ...

Black youth and YPOC face seemingly insurmountable odds every day within their homes, their schools and their neighborhoods.

They survive poverty, violence, depression,  Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's) , hopelessness and trauma. But HERO is an Anchor for young people! Our team of therapists, nurses, social workers, and coaches; engage our youth spiritually, physically, and therapeutically. For the past five years, HERO has provided three Anchor programs as solutions:

  • CampusReady

  • HEROGirls

  • YoungHEROsCook

AND despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our youth leadership team gathered virtually every week during the Summer of 2020, cultivating The Collective: #BlackYouth4Justice and #YoungEntrepreneursClub.


 Our Collective Commitment Includes Four (4) Objectives For Our Members:

I. Heal  InterGenerational Trauma 

II. Pursue Purpose  

III. Dismantle Systemic Oppression

IV. Build Generational Wealth

HERO cultivates young leaders who will evoke change with confidence.

Join us as we transform the lives of Black youth and YPOC!