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Mission: HERO empowers, educates and equips youth to pursue a debt-free degree, pursue entrepreneurship, build strong families build their communities. 

Vision: HERO envisions a world of thriving families, free from the stranglehold of student loan debt and oppression.

Focus of HERO Programs: Embracing and Building a Culture of Health by learning, connecting, coaching and collaborating to ensure equity , diversity and inclusion for all people within our community.

About HERO

HERO: Core Values


Through gender specific workshops, educational sessions and art classes we address practical methods to avoid and overcome detrimental decisions and challenges young people face daily.


We recognize that many of our youth have experienced trauma while others are preparing for adulthood, and some are parenting at a young age.

These decisions shape and determine our future.


We recognize the significance and value of the adolescent and high school years as prep time for academic and spiritual growth, career success and family planning.


As humans we all face challenges, crisis, grief, pain, loss and tragedy on some level.


Each staff member will be required to take Mandatory Resiliency training so that they are equipped to assist students through hardships, circumstances and obstacles that challenge their success in life.


Researchers have found that each person develops a cluster of “Individual Protective Factors” that s/he uses most often in times of difficulty.  These factors may be humor, spirituality, independence, flexibility, service, optimism, perseverance, and relationships. In order to build our teens and young adults to a place of self-sufficiency, resiliency/life skills must be taught and applied. 



Empowerment: We challenge each of our students to actively pursue their determined life goals.


We offer a safe, creative space for students to come and be educated, equipped and eventually employed. 

 Our students will participate in Project Based Learning. These projects will focus on student life goals that coincide with community service and include STEM activities.  


These projects will also be a call to Action based on program and community needs.

Youth will develop skills that include service, leadership, public speaking and Resiliency.


What does opportunity look like with HERO, Inc.?


● Virgil L. James Sr., HERO Scholarship


● The PA 529 Savings Plan:


 - A Guaranteed Savings Plan (GSP) for College

 - A simple low-risk way to save

 - Save at today’s lower GSP rates

 - Exclusively for Pennsylvania Residents

 - Reduce Stress of ‘saving for college’

 - Automatic Deductions from your Checking Account


● HERO Mentor - Entrepreneur & 

Apprenticeship Program (MEAP)


HERO participants will be matched with a mentor based on the participant’s life-goal survey and in-person meeting.

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