1924 W. Hunting Park Ave.

Philadelphia PA 19140


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Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Chiwshi Joy Abney

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Board Director (Interim)


Shanee Pressley, RN, BSN

Communications & Outreach Director 

 & Nurses Network Leader 


Larry Lee Abney

Co-Founder & Board Advisor 


Khalia Deborah Terry

General Board Member & HEROGirls Coach 


Kimberly Early, MSW, LSW

Racquel Holman, MS

Board Member & HEROGirl Mom 


HERO Executive Team

Stefanie Gregg-Bland

Couples Collab Leader & STEAM Advisor


Monique Crenshaw, RN, BSN

HEROGirls Mentor & Nurses Network Leader


Marina Olokuni

ROAD TO KENYA Trip Leader, 

Health & Travel Consultant


Joseph Grant

HERO Accountant, Financial Systems 


Neha Chohan, MPH

HERO Program Assistant 

Communications & Outreach Assistant 


Miranda Cohen, MS

 Nonprofit Management, New School, NY

Strategy Coach


Opportunities (Adults 25+)

HERO is actively seeking alignment with implementors of innovative ideas  and passionate professionals prepared to serve their communities through our mission and vision.


Please inquire by submitting your resume to info@herophillyunlimited.org with the appropriate position subject line.  

Board of Directors 

  • HERO Governance & Leadership 

  • President 

  • Nominating Committee- Chair, works collaboratively with                   the CEO and The Board of Directors

  • Vice President

Staff & Volunteer Positions

  • CFO/ Director of Development

  • COO/ Director of Operations

  • Public Relations & Campaign Management 

Program Managers

  • CampusReady 

  • HEROGirls 

  • YoungHEROsCook

Mentors & Coaches 


Academic Partnerships  for Research 

  1. The long term mental health effects of living with excessive student loan debt  

  2. Reducing Peer to peer violence in 

  3. Four Philadelphia schools 

  4. How Teen pregnancy/ early motherhood effects Building a culture of health with Philadelphia girls age 12-24 

  5. The benefits of Resilience skills building and mentor program to offset the effects of trauma

Corporate Sponsorships