Meet the HERO Team

Board of Directors 

Chiwishi Joy Abney

Larry Lee Abney

Kimberly Early


Founder & Executive Director 

Board President (Interim)

Co-Founder & Board Advisor

Governance & Policy Chair

Board Advisor

Shanee Pressley


 Nurses Network Leader 

Board Director

Racquel Holman


Development & Finance Lead

Board Director,  HEROMom

      Shakur Trammel

              Financial Advisor

                    Board Director


             Judge Lee Grimes

                       MBA, JD

                       Legal Advisor                                   

 Executive Team 

Monique Crenshaw


HEROGirls  Health & Wellness

Nurses Network Leader

Stefanie Gregg-Bland

Couples Collab Lead

 STEAM Advisor

Marina James

Certified Natural Health Professional

Yoga Developer


Health & Travel Consultant


Collective  Leadership Team

Elisha H. Abney


     Shanira Mitchell

M   Marina- Dawn Nicole AbneyM

    Black Youth 4 Justice, President 

     The Collective, Business Admin.

                 Widener University 

          Delaware Law School '21

 Young Entrepreneurs Club, President 

       The Collective, Creative Director 

                    Wilmington University

Communications& Outreach  Co-Lead

           West Chester University'24

     Sadiyah Sabir

            Bahijah Hasan

Communications & Outreach Co-Lead

        EveryBody Eats Coordinator 

              Street Outreach, BY4J     

        Lincoln University Alumni  '19


    Terrell Cobb

             IT & Marketing Manager


       Ryan Afreen 
Hea Micah Yarbray

  Tutoring & Financial Literacy Lead

                   Mentors First

   University of Pennsylvania '23 

Rally /Protest Organizer

Street Outreach, BY4J

   Alvernia University '23


& Mentoring

Opportunities (Adults 25+)

HERO is actively seeking alignment with implementors of innovative ideas  and passionate professionals prepared to serve their communities through our mission and vision.


Please inquire by submitting your resume and letter of interest to .

Submit your Volunteer/Mentor application on our home page Today.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Please give us 48 hours to respond.

Talk soon!  

Open Positions: Apply Here

 Board of Directors are selected by Nomination and Invitation Only 

 For all other inquiries; Please email your resume and brief Letter of Interest 

 to the email listed above for consideration. 

Board of Directors

  • Vice President  

  • Development Committee Chair

  • Nominations Committee Chair

  • Governance & Policy Co- Chair


Executive & Staff Positions

  • CFO/COO 

  • CTO / Chief Technology Officer 

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Director of Sales & Marketing

  • Street Outreach Volunteers & Security 

  • Workshop Facilitators:                                                     Money Management & Investing, Therapists,       Wellness Coach, Fitness Coach, HipHop Dance  Instructor , Chef,  Pastry Chef/ Baker


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