the problem

On time graduation rates in 2018 for black students was 60.8%, the second lowest behind Hispanic students at 55.6% compared to 85% of Asian Philadelphians

The median wealth of white households is
13X compared to black households in the U.S.

An estimated
89% of black students borrow federal student loans compared to 60% of white students to attend a four year public college

Black students are
5x more likely to default on their student loans than their white peers

Black graduates hold almost twice as much debt as their white peers at $53,000!

Graduates of HBCUs take on
32% more debt than their peers who attend other colleges.

Black college graduates earn
$3.34 less per hour than their white peers, this contributes to $7,000 annually in lost wages.

Our impact

The Solution

Eliminating student loan debt would narrow the wealth gap for young families aged 25-40 years old

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