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 CELEBRATING HERO's 5th Year of service 

We are celebrating the journey of 5 years at HERO on November 1, 2020! As we move forward into 2021 we're confident 

a HERO Juice Bar & Innovation STEAM Lab

in the City of Philadelphia will provide the social & emotional learning, employment, and mental health supports our youth need to THRIVE! Join us for an incredible meal or login virtually to enjoy this Beautiful Black Collective FriendsGiving !  

Talent Program & Dinner $50

Highlighting Philly Youth: Artists, Activists Creatives, DJ's, Poets and Entrepreneurs


HEROGirls milkshake & mascara  

A Love Letter To Black Girls

Black Girls Healing & Wellness Circle 

 “ A Love Letter To Black Girls"

1 Fitness Workout @ Art Museum

2 Virtual Wednesday Meetings 

+ 1 Sunday Brunch per month 

August 30, 2020  - January 31, 2021

Register with the Eventbrite link Below

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Virtually Every Sunday @the.herocollective

Black Youth 4 Justice @2pm &

Young Entrepreneurs Club @4pm EST

The Collective: Black Youth 4 Justice

+ Young Entrepreneurs Club
Meets Every Sunday  

2 pm & 4 pm EST

Virtual  Suite Spa Retreat 

Saturday, October 3, 2020 | 10am - 2pm 

Includes: Treats & A Spa Facial Kit

shipped to your door 

HERO Collective

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Nov 20 - Dec 20

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