2021-2022 Initiatives

Black Youth 4 Justice Presents: Street Outreach


Strengthening our families  while cultivating a community of care, we're serving 1 Million Free Meals

and Fun Team Building activities while reconnecting through service  at a Philly School.


How did children who receive free and reduce priced lunches eat - while schools were closed? The pandemic has hit Black communities the hardest so we have to hit it back with FREE FOOD, good vibes and support!   


Street Outreach provides Free Healthy Food, Free Hygeine Kits and Wellness Resources and great conversations to Philadelphia neighborhoods most adversely affected by COVID-19. 

We're currently seeking community donations, partnerships and corporate sponsorships to reach our goal of serving 10,000 meals in 2021! Thank You to our amazing volunteers and Collective Leadership Team!

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couples collab

This is an inclusive  space of Collective Care.

2020  was a hell of a year.The most hellish year in many of our lifetimes.

 Now multiply that hell by

a thousand and insert Black people .

The sanctioned police violence, revisited trauma, corona virus pandemic, virtual meetings and hybrid educational scenarios have desparingly affected our humanity. 

Now more than ever we need safe spaces in  strengthened communities.

Here now in 2021, we long for a time of retreat, reprieve, adventure, romance and relaxation.

  A sacred space for folx, couples, co-parents to nurture and be nurtured in life and business. As you can see our bonds are strong. We practice self awareness and self compassion to enhance our innermost  wellbeing. 

We acknowledge our collective exhaustion, frustration, weariness and rage with racism and systemic oppression. We intentionally and unapologetically cover ourselves in  Radical Self Love and Black Love as people, couples and families. We are convinced and committed to doing the spiritual healing  work by honoring God our Creator and our ancestors. We practice building trust, healthy relationships and the generational wealth necessary to secure sustainable futures for our children's grandchildren.

Safety is paramount to us.

We are currently seeking to collab with couples who are interested in curating and enjoying fun outside activities and travel experiences. Join us on this healing centered journey of family and community development .  

All couples with partners

age 21 and over are welcome to share lead in this space. Please email Chiwishi Abney (she/her)

info@herophillyunlimited.org to inquire   

Subject: Couples Collab 

IMG_0925 (1).jpg

Pictured here our Beautiful Black Founders, Larry and Chiwishi Joy Abney.

On February 14, 2020. Video and Photo Cred Anwar Curtis of Levels Ready Entertainment

African Masai in Traditional Dress

Road To Kenya 

We've been planning since 2019, What started out to be an annual HEROGirls Retreat has           morphed into a HERO Collective Family  Adventure of a lifetime!

  This  that will be the first of many trips to  Africa, specifically Nairobi Kenya.   

According to WHYY's 'Here & Now' radio broadcast on March 8, 2021, 52 million people live in Kenya. 70% of Kenyans live in urban areas. Hundreds of healthcare workers have tested positive  for COVID-19. Clean water, Girls Education and collaborations around sustainable ecosystems are essential, now more than ever. Pray for us as we prepare, post pandemic. You are loved.