Our Programs


Connect with your peers while traveling to the college campuses of your dreams. Go outside the city limits and Tour while you discover your interests and plan your next steps with your mentor. Open your bank account, start saving with a 529 Plan and soak up knowledge in our financial literacy workshops. Ask questions of current students and engage in campus culture. Explore academic programs, majors  and future career options. After a couple campus visits it’s time to schedule a meeting to start your ‘Customized Action Plan’ this will guide you as you set and achieve your goals.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to learn new skills, meet new friends in a space of positive vibes and real support? Are you ready to collaborate on innovative projects while enjoying new scenery, new restaurants, new adventures? Whether your future includes college graduation, entrepreneurship or both; Campus Ready prepares students to  build healthy relationships, on a strong foundation, become responsible young adults, while showing them HOW to achieve their GOALS.


Why HEROGirls?

HEROGirls are surrounded by a tribe of #ProfessionalBlackGirls & Women of Color who love, support and challenge them to create the life they want to live! Young Women of color are healing from traumas, empowered, resilient and ready for opportunities! Thriving HEROGirls open their bank  accounts, apply/win scholarships, secure passports, travel together, pursue their purpose, academic and career goals! Join the movement to empower Black girls age 12-24 and young women of color to go boldly & bravely into divine purpose! 



Join Philly’s First Youth Led Catering & Creative’s Team! Students, young artists & creatives are empowered to  #createyourART and  useyourVOICE !

Art & activism collide to raise awareness and give voice to Philly students to the educational, economic disparities  and racial injustices that plague our community.


Why YHC?

Students curate incredible menus, events and utilize social media to speak up, show up and stand up for themselves in creative ways! Bring your laptop or camera and help make videos , write poetry/hip hop lyrics, graphics, photography while strengthening leadership skills, share perspectives and earn cash for college through catering upon successfully completing training.

Join us to stay connected!