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Our Collective justice work



"Here at HERO, everyone is treated with love and like family. We are all determined and passionate to achieve our personal, business, and spiritual goals. We work together to make sure everyone gets the guidance and reassurance they need to be successful in life. "


- Collective Member, Age 21



The HERO Collective is comprised of two Programs with one goal: Freedom in every way.

Freedom to THRIVE! The Collective values Black Lives-- our VOICE, our ART, our INNOVATION, our ACTIVISM AND the ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT of youth and young adults ages 12-24! We strengthen our families and build our network through collaborative work within local and national organizations.

The Collective solves: the lack of spiritual fortitude, the lack of self love, and the lack of economic power for Black youth and YPOC.

HERO is the anchor that supports the growth and development of young people ages 12-24 while providing the social and emotional learning necessary to thrive.  


THE COLLECTIVE Gathers virtually  

IN A SAFE, empowering space EVERY SUNDAY est

      BY4J @2pm via IG LIve + YEC @4PM via zoom

the collective


Black Youth 4 Justice + 

Young Entrepreneurs Club... launched in the midst of covid-19  

‘Because there is no justice for Black People without economic empowerment.


A week after George Floyd was murdered, while suffering through the pandemic, joining the civil rights movement 2.0, our youth were faced head on with racial discrimination at work; and #BlackYouth4Justice was born. 

We took action- working together to identify solutions and strategies to create sustainable businesses while protesting and supporting the movement toward justice!

  Take action

Special thanks to our TEAM & supporters. we can't do this justice work without you!


join us and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

HELP US expand our support    system with a FREE COLLECTIVE 

MEMBERSHip to an additional 200 students  

over the next 12 months!

pledge a monthly $60 gift today!

‘Until Black People are FREE in every way.'

Mentorship, Leadership, Travel, Professional Development, Employment and Internship Opportunities are being provided to high school and college students, youth activists pursuing justice, and young entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams, with direct sponsorship from supporters and allies like you! What could be better than that?


With HERO, young people are not only seen, heard, loved and supported- they are educated, nurtured and challenged to THRIVE beyond their circumstances by an entire team of professionals. HERO is a problem solver, a solution-based support system that works! Connect with us today. Subscribe below. You are LOVED. You MATTER. You are FAMILY.

HERO will continue to be an anchor for youth, fighting for justice and pursuing their goals! 

#JusticeforBreonnaTaylor #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #JusticeforAhmaudArbery


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